Petite blonde Ella

Petite blonde Ella was one of two models that I arranged to shoot on the same day in a studio in Darlington back in May 2005. From memory the studio was called Channel Six but I think it’s long since closed or has moved/been renamed.

I had a bit of a fail on the M6 when I initially missed the junction for the A66, which added about 60 miles onto my trip. I also got stopped by the police on the A66 after being caught by an average speed trap. I won’t tell you the average speed I was clocked at but let’s just say I was absolutely tanking it to make up for lost time. However the police must have been in a good mood because they chose not to record my speed on the ticket and issued me a standard fixed penalty which carried only three penalty points. This was like getting let off completely because at the speed I was doing it could easily have gone straight to court and I could have received a ban.

Unfortunately my unintended detour and speeding incident caused me to be late for my first shoot, the one and only time I’ve been late for a shoot  . Some might say this is not something to admit to but one of the aims of my blog is to provide an accurate account of my shoot experiences. Sadly the first model I was meant to be shooting had a tight schedule that day and had decided not to wait for me. So I started my shoot with the other model I’d booked earlier than planned whilst the studio manager kindly arranged a stand in model for my second shoot (which turned out to be a bit of a coup as you will find out in the future when I blog about her).

Anyway, back to Ella…

I think she was 18 or 19 but I don’t actually have an official record of her age since it was via the studio manager that I hired her and he held the records. In my earlier days of doing adult shoots I was less aware of how the admin side of it worked but nowadays I would insist on also having my own proof of age records. In 2005 the rules for age keeping records were less stringent anyway and there wasn’t a requirement to keep them for top shelf magazine level work, it’s only since 2008 that it has become mandatory. She was definitely over 18 though as she had already been published in some of the popular UK top shelf magazines.

Unusually for a glamour model who had already done this sort of work Ella was very quiet throughout the shoot and looked almost embarrassed at times, but more in a naughty way as if she was doing something forbidden but finding herself enjoying it  .

She had one of the smoothest bare pussies I’ve ever seen, must have been a full wax job, and despite the coy look on her face she had no qualms about sticking her bum up in the air or spreading her legs wide to show me her sweet little fanny in all its glory. She gave me plenty of pink shots too  .

Ella Clothed Tease

Model: Ella
Age at time of shoot: >18
Levels limit: Explicit nude
Shoot Style: Studio
Year: 2005
Location: Channel Six Studios, Darlington, United Kingdom
Photo album: Ella Clothed Tease
Number of photos in this album update: 29 (003-032)

For our first photo set Ella is wearing matching pink basque and thong panties. She gets topless towards the end of the set and even though her thong stays on for now she also gives us some sexy open legged shots.

I have another five sets of Ella from this shoot which are all full on top shelf magazine levels, so look out for her sets in the forthcoming restricted content section. As ever there will be some samples of these sets posted to the blog.

All photos from this shoot in high resolution see Ella Clothed Tease.

Tease photos…

Ella in basque and knickers
Ella in basque and knickers
Ella in basque and knickers
Ella in basque and knickers spreading her legs
Ella in basque and knickers lying down
Ella in basque and knickers lifting her legs up
Ella in basque and knickers spreading her legs
Ella lying down with hand down her knickers
Ella in basque and knickers spreading her legs
Ella in basque and knickers grabbing her boobs
Ella in basque and knickers with hands on her thighs
Ella topless with hands on her thighs
Ella topless tugging at her pleats
Ella topless tugging at her pleats

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