Glamour Club is an adult entertainment website featuring British based nude glamour models. It is run by a long time glamour model fan who goes by the ‘stage name’ of Mark Holiday, which is I  .

I have a day job to go to, so for now the site is run more like a hobby.

With Glamour Club I wanted to follow the tradition of the British top shelf porn magazine. So you won’t see any hardcore porn here, only solo girl or girl-girl sets, accompanied by a blog which is a mix of cheesy blurbs and real facts about the model and the shoot. However I don’t look down on hardcore porn, everyone has their own tastes.

I’m neither a photographer nor videographer by trade, nor is my profession in the adult entertainment nor modelling industries. I’d rather tell it as it is, so I really am just a punter like most of you surfing this website.

I’m not striving to produce any artistic masterpieces, my focus is on capturing well framed representations of the models that are good enough to be used on a website. So the photos and videos shot by myself can truly be considered to be amateur porn. If you would rather view professionally created content then this probably isn’t the website for you.


The Glamour Club Blog can be accessed by anyone who visits the website. My blog blurbs also include a sample of lower resolution photos from the shoot in question. Nothing too naughty, rather the blog photos are teasers showing up to non-explicit nude poses.

Why Register?

Registering as a Glamour Club member will allow you to comment in the blog posts.

Rude Pics

These are the photo sets featuring explicit nudity and are hosted on a third party website BentBox.co.

I originally planned to offer all my photo content on this website but here in the United Kingdom the government has unfortunately been on an anti-internet porn crusade in recent years and insisting on secure age verification checks before users can be allowed to access explicit nude content. I investigated various open source or low cost options for providing the verification directly on the website but I wasn’t happy with the security or integration capability of any of them. Since I don’t want to invest significant amounts of money in a what is a hobby project, I decided my only other option was to use a third party hosting provider specialising in adult content. BentBox provide the age verification, billing and customer support for accessing my explicit photo content, which quite frankly might have been too risky for me to attempt to provide on my own anyway. So it’s a decent trade off.

Video Clips

The video clips feature explicit nudity and are hosted on a third party website Clips4Sale that can be purchased individually, meaning you don’t need to sign up as a member of Clips4Sale to view them.

I did originally plan to host the video clips myself but for the same reasons explained above I opted for Clips4Sale.

I will soon also start hosting video clips on BentBox.

Each video clip is usually no longer than 15 minutes. These are amateur style videos shot by myself.

Glamour Club Models

– All models featured on Glamour Club were at least 18 years old at the time of the shoot.

– Aged 18-30, or at least they should look 18-30 (I have done shoots with models older than 30, so it’s what age they look rather than what age they are that is more important).

– Girls that have a naturally pretty, ‘girl next door’ look are preferred. However everyone will have their own interpretation of what that means, so I won’t attempt to expand on this any further. Suffice to say, I know as soon as I see a model whether or not she has the look that I prefer to see featured on Glamour Club.

– Natural boobs are preferred over fake boobs (although I have relaxed that rule where the model’s boob job looked quite natural).

– Height is irrelevant but girls with slim, in proportion bodies are preferred. Playboy, the British Page 3 look, British top shelf mags Razzle, Teazer Just 18, Club International, Mayfair, Men’s World, Men Only, Escort, Fiesta, are all good examples. If you want to see larger ladies or huge breasts there are plenty other websites out there to cater for such tastes.

– Prefer models with no tattoos, but a few smaller tattoos or one medium sized tattoo will also usually get a ‘pass’. I’m not likely to feature girls that have a large tattoo or are covered in body art. Once again, there are plenty other websites out there which cater for such tastes.

– A few regular style piercings are acceptable, including a single piercing/stud on clit. But I won’t feature girls that have excessive body piercings. Once again, there are plenty other websites out there which cater for such tastes.

– Mainly feature models who only work to solo girl or girl-girl adult nude levels. However I occasionally will (and have) featured models who have done harder levels of porn than that. Soft POV (point of view) levels are also considered as a few models have actually asked me to do that type of content in shoots. However I have no wish to be a performer myself nor appear on camera, so I will stick strictly to softer levels and won’t be taking any of my own clothes off!

– Would like to feature many new faces/first time models (that is models who are new to doing explicit nude work). Since nowadays many of those girls are instead doing cam work, this isn’t as easy to find. But I’m also interested in working with cam girls and have some good ideas to make that work.

– My definition of adult nude levels for solo girl/girl-girl work is: open leg (also known as UK mag), pink shots (also known as US mag), insertions using fingers or toys (also known as Continental), hard girl-girl.

– Most Glamour Club models should be completely shaved or have a neatly trimmed landing strip. If you prefer the natural/hairy look you are better off trying one of the many excellent art nude websites that are out there.

– Mainly feature models that either live in or are visiting the United Kingdom. Although I have also done on location shoots when on holiday or on group photography trips. Several of them were in Ibiza and one was in Portugal.

My Photography/Videography Style

My shoots are done using a mirrorless camera and a hand held 4K UHD video camera.

For non-studio shoots with varying light conditions I usually keep the camera on full auto mode, since I have only basic portable lighting equipment and indeed on many shoots have no portable lighting equipment with me. This may not impress photography purists however I find it delivers better consistency across a whole photo set. For studio shoots I do shoot in full manual mode.

For the non-studio locations I flip between natural light and flash.

I don’t airbrush my photos. If a photo looks fine in its original form I leave it as is. For photos that are underexposed or overexposed but are still worth rescuing, I only perform basic post editing functions such as auto-colour correction, brightening. So in Glamour Club you nearly always get a true representation of what the model looked like at the time of the shoot, blemishes and all.

I’ve always felt there is a tendency for adult websites to dub their solo girl and girl-girl video clips with a music soundtrack, something I wanted to avoid. So Glamour Club video clips won’t have any music added post-edit. Rather the clips will be a representation of the original video shoot as it happened, and sometimes candid/’fly on the wall’/’behind the scenes’ styles. Of course if there happened to be background music playing at the studio/location when a shoot was filmed, then those clips would contain music.

History of the Glamour Club project

I registered GlamourClub.com as a domain name investment back in 2000, but it wasn’t until 2002 that I considered developing it into a website. To test the water I pointed the domain to an MSN Groups community page, which summarised the future website idea and invited group members to post their own glamour photos.

One of my group members liked my idea and approached me about doing a website. He turned out to be someone who had worked in the British glamour modelling industry for years as a model agent and part time web developer. So we came to an arrangement where he would develop the website and arrange photographers to provide the content.

I learned much about how the glamour modelling industry works and how to handle the models. He had also encouraged me to have a go at doing my own photo shoots, where at that time I was using nothing more than a humble Canon Powershot A20!

We worked on the website project on and off for about 2 years, but he suddenly went AWOL and I never heard from him again! So despite gaining some valuable industry experience I found myself back to square one with the website.

By this point I had also started working on a different website which was now at a more advanced stage than Glamour Club. So I switched my attention to that project, with Glamour Club becoming more like a hobby. I carried on doing shoots with glamour models so that I continued to build up a library of content that I could use in the future.

DSLR cameras had by now become affordable to the average consumer, so I’d already replaced my crappy Powershot with a Canon EOS 300D. Still basic equipment when compared to pro-photography but it produced images of decent enough quality to be used on a website.

By 2008 my other website was running smoothly which gradually allowed me to spend more time on Glamour Club once again. I had a go at doing a website myself but after about a year I wasn’t happy enough with my own efforts. So it was time to get some professional web developers on board.

My funds were limited, so in return for a low price I agreed that they could work on it as one of their lower priority projects. In hindsight that probably wasn’t the best idea…I won’t bore you with the saga but suffice to say it ended up dragging on and on, and a further 3 years down the line they still hadn’t delivered a website that matched my original requirements. However they were about 75% there so I decided to do a deal with them and accept what they’d done, in return for my final payment being cancelled.

The main chunk of functionality that was missing was video on demand integrated with a payment engine. But I decided to launch the website with photos only initially, and later came to a decision to host the videos on a third party hosting provider. Nowadays even the explicit content photos are also hosted on a third party hosting provider, with only non-explicit teaser content on this website.

My Own Smutty History

I was aware from an early age that I was an avid admirer of the female form, helped no doubt by watching women running around in sexy underwear on British TV comedy shows such as Benny Hill and Kenny Everett (Cleo Rocos topless in the blind delivery man sketch anyone? ).  Then I stumbled upon late night joys such as Channel 4’s ‘Red Triangle’ movies and Hammer Horror lesbian vampire films. The next stage was analogue satellite TV and the German channels which had late night broadcasts of old German porn films, which were a bit like Carry On films but with nudity and sex, and usually featuring fit young women experimenting with their sexuality, which was nice of them.

So by the time I properly feasted my eyes on a top shelf porn magazine (as opposed to the damp, grubby ones I once found hidden in the woods) I’d already developed a taste for seeing pretty young women in the buff. But seeing these magazines had me well and truly addicted to it, and once I was old enough I was buying 4 top shelf mags a month, developing a large collection across more than a decade. Then along came the internet…