Naked villa project – free holiday opportunity for adult glamour models or cam girls

Would a free Mediterranean or Canaries villa holiday interest any adult glamour models or cam girls out there?

I’ve been on a couple of adult glamour photography/video holidays in the past in Portugal and Ibiza, organised by the legendary Barry Jones of Glamour Breaks fame. Sadly these trips don’t run anymore but I’ve always fancied having a go at organising one.

I’m calling it the Naked Villa (aka Naked Villa Project).

I have my own ideas on how to run it so thought I’d test the water to see if it attracts any interest.

The first trip might just be myself or perhaps one other photographer involved to test the concept. If it’s a success then in future trips could give some opportunities for other photographers to visit the villa.

The accommodation at the Naked Villa would be free to the performers. A performer means either an adult glamour model or a cam girl. However I’m also happy to hear from girls who’ve never done any adult glamour modelling or camming before. If you’re an exhibitionist who feels sexy when showing off your body, that’s the main requirement really! In fact this trip would also ideally suit a group of friends so long as you are all of a similar fun exhibitionist mindset!

All performers must be at least 18 years old and be able to prove it with an official passport ID.

Performers would need to sign a model release before the trip, giving their consent to being photographed and filmed naked whilst at the villa.

On the first trip the main aim of the project would be to capture the performers relaxing and having fun at the villa in a more candid and BTS (behind the scenes) style. We could potentially also do a couple of beach trips provided there were suitably secluded areas that accept nudity and don’t mind some photography/video going on. At night performers would be free to do their own thing so can head out to bars/clubs if they so choose. So it really would pretty much be like a normal holiday in the sun!

Of course there would be a few house rules e.g. performers make themselves available at the villa for at least the afternoons and evenings, don’t get too out of control on the alcohol (or any other substance), nobody else is allowed back to the villa.

If you’re a cam girl then you can also use the villa for your own live cam sessions, with the understanding that in the public spaces such as the swimming pool and lounge area, some BTS photos/video may be taken of you during your cam performances.

If future trips were arranged involving more photographers then we’d likely schedule some more organised photo/video sessions into the trip, which models would be paid for.

As the first trip would be experimental I wouldn’t be going mad on costs so I’d restrict it to 7 nights and no more than 4 performers. So likely 2 of the bedrooms reserved for performers with 2 sharing a room. The villa would of course need to have a private swimming pool.

I’ve not decided yet on any location or proposed dates, but it would likely be somewhere in the Mediterranean or Canary Islands. Although if I attract any interest from Eastern Europe the Black Sea Coast might be another option. It might not be feasible to arrange this year (2024), so might end up being 2025 before it can be realistically arranged.

So if this Naked Villa Project interests you please contact me below. We can also follow up via phone conversation to get a better idea of how interested you really are in it.


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