Megan Brooke naked bathtime fun Part 1

The final set from my 2005 shoot in an Aberdeen hotel room with 24 year old Scottish model Megan Brooke.

Megan decides to give a blowy of bubbles as she romps naked in the bath (well you wouldn’t expect her to wear clothes I suppose).

Again, apologies for some fluctuation in exposure and colouring on Megan’s photos. Was a bit of a struggle with me not having any portable lighting.

Model: Megan Brooke
Age at time of shoot: 24
Levels limit: Non-explicit nude
Shoot Style: Hotel
Year: 2005
Location: Hotel room, Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Photo zip files: Megan Brooke Naked Bathtime
Number of photos in this set: 38 (002-039)

Original blurb introducing Megan see Scottish Barbie Girl Megan Brooke.

To see all the photos from this shoot in high resolution check out the BentBox zip files, which contains photos from 5 sets in total (8 zip files).

Tease photos…

Megan Brooke in bath covering her boobs with bubbles

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